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When the lockdown came our small product team, spread across three continents and spanning six time zones, quickly found ourselves spending a crazy number of hours a day on video calls — sometimes as many as 5–7 calls each day.

Endless screen sharing. File sharing. All the data and links in the in-meeting chats that we lost when we closed the meeting using some of the existing solutions. All the details, the takeaways, the action items and the nuance from the upward of 30 conversations we were having each week started to blur, mere seconds after we hit the “Leave Meeting” button. “Zoom fatigue?”

That’s when we pivoted and start building Vidlogs as a live meeting platform built for remote teams, designed for how remote teams actually work in our connected global village.

We developed Vidlogs to make our own remote team work more efficiently and effectively, embracing the flexibility and challenges of team members not always being available online at the same time.

In Vidlogs you can invite your whole team into a private, secure shared workspace. If you need to start a call with any of team member you can see who’s online and start a video call instantly, or schedule a video meeting for later when everyone’s available.

When people join the call they can do it from the browser, with no downloads or PINs required — we wanted the meeting experience to be as frictionless as possible.

It was important to us for our meetings to be saved in a secure dashboard with a Facebook/Twitter-style feed so our team could easily track and follow all of the “long tail” conversations that we have daily in the conducting of our business.

And we wanted to be able to optionally record our meetings and generate accurate, searchable AI transcripts to share in the team feed to help us all stay on the same page about what was discussed, the takeaways, and the action items, long after the meeting has ended…

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