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Create content for you company in the most creative way. Podcasting is a new way to innovate your marketing strategy.

It is no secret to anyone that forms of communication have changed in recent years. The democratization of internet access has given us all the possibilities to create content, and tools that were previously only available to a few have become known to many.

Diversifying forms of communication and creating content have resurfaced new formats better adapted to the audience’s needs. This is where podcasts come in, a content generation market that has grown remarkably in recent years and is apparently here to stay.

Using a podcast as a marketing tool is becoming more and more common, and more and more companies are using it; some examples are BBVA, Netflix, Gucci, BMW, and Redbull.

We explain the benefits of this innovative way of communication between your company and your audience that can revolutionize the way you do marketing.

Benefits of the podcast in marketing.

Diversify formats

Occupying different media can lead you to people interested in your product and who you did not consider before. Entering a content industry that is on the rise can take you much further than you thought. To achieve this, you must reach places where your audience is active and engaged. Podcasting is a content format that reaches people who otherwise won’t find your company’s messages.


We all know that building a solid community is a difficult task; sometimes, more than having a great reach, what we need is to have a strong connection with a loyal audience. A podcast is an excellent tool in this case, as it means a new and effective way to connect with an active and engaged audience, which can help build a community for your business.

Create an image, become an authority

Perhaps, the sector of your company is not well served in the universe of podcasts, which opens the universe for you to become a pioneer within the area. You may find yourself with an audience eager for information and actively searching for your content.

Design a thematic niche in an appropriate way that allows you to transmit knowledge colloquially, leading you to become a voice of authority within the area. 

How can I create my podcast?

Vidlogs allows you to enter this newly emerging field for the world of marketing quickly, which will enable you to communicate in a close and innovative way with your audience.

Through Vidlogs, you can record your program and leave it on demand for the rest of your team to see. It also allows you to create different channels where different topics are touched. You can interview and chat with people from all over the world, content that your audience can see online or asynchronously if they prefer.

Vidlogs transcribes the recordings through artificial intelligence, an excellent tool for finding the best insights into your content and attracting a new audience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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