Asynchronous meetings

Meet anybody. Anytime. Anywhere

Do I need asynchronous meetings?


You meet with your clients/partners/customers usually in live meetings, however you struggle to find a time slot on their calendar. Consider Async Meetings.

Send your request to your audience using an introductory video and set up your asks via the agenda.

You can start an online video conversation with your team members and customers whenever you become available, add questions, share your video request and they can respond in one click.

No more waiting for available time slots!

Easily gather feedback from your team and customers

Share your recording via email or embed it on your website.
Gather feedback, testimonials, opinions from your customers, fans, team members.

All responses will be conveniently gathered in one single place in your dashboard so you can access them at any time!

Share your video recording with your audience

Embed your video on a website

Let your website visitors respond to you with audio/video in just one click. Gathering leads and testimonials have never been so simple!

Share your video via link or email

Notify your team members or customers and get response on important issue without the need of scheduling a meeting.

Use cases of Async meetings

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