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Cómo están lidiando las organizaciones con la revolución del trabajo remoto y por qué el trabajo del futuro es flexible

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed us in more ways than one, both at home and in the workplace. Daily commutes and birthday parties were abruptly replaced by work from home, online school  drive by celebrations.

Many organizations who had been operating brick and mortar operations found themselves struggling with WFH tool chains and setting up digital presence. As painful as this disruption is, workplaces of the future have to be asking how they can best enable their workforce so that they continue to thrive.

As organizations plan to resume operations, HR leadership will have a series of critical decisions to make around which employees should return to work sites, which should remain remote and how to navigate a potentially permanent hybrid workforce.

In 2019, only 30 percent 33 percent of workers chose to work remotely at least one day per week. Today, Gartner reports 88 percent of organizations have adopted WFH policies as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. As organizations focus on employee safety, it’s no surprise remote work has become our primary mode of working.

So is Remote work here to stay?

In surveys conducted in Canada , while nearly half (49 per cent) of the respondents say they never worked from home before the COVID-19 pandemic, two-thirds (62 per cent) do not think employees should be expected to work full-time in an office now that the pandemic has shown remote work is possible.

Are the liking it though ? Fifty-seven per cent say the absence of a commute has given them more time and energy for their job, however 70 per cent admit they miss meeting their colleagues in person.

Hence we believe – Future of work is Flex!


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