General FAQ's

What exactly is Vidlogs?

Vidlogs is a tool to Meet Live and Asynchronously, Share and Transcribe your meetings and video content.

      • Host one-click live meetings with your team and customers or friends, no downloads required.
      • Record asynchronous video updates from your webcam and desktop, and securely share them to your team workspace or outside the team.
      • AI-powered transcripts. Don’t take meeting notes again! Record, transcribe and easily share your conversations, and action items within your team or outside.
      • Organize your meetings and recording with a simple structure of workspaces and topic-based channels. Invite your team members for collaboration and customize your channels as you wish to make them recognizable.

How is Vidlogs different from other live meeting solutions out there?

Vidlogs is an end-to-end video communication solution from planning with Intelligent agenda to post-meeting analysis with AI transcription in a single secure workspace where your entire team can collaborate.

Using Vidlogs you don’t have to give up on other known solutions as Slack, Google Calendar and Zoom – Vidlogs will be integrated with them soon. Stay tuned!

Will there be Vidlogs mobile app?

Yep. Stay tuned! Coming soon.

What browsers and devices do you currently support

Vidlogs currently works best on Google Chrome and Firefox and Android devices. Safari support is on its way, we are also working to enable our application on iPad and IPhones.

Where can I review your roadmap?

Our roadmap is available on here.

Please vote on features and make new feature requests!

Workspaces and Channels

What is Vidlogs Account/Workspace?

A Vidlogs workspace is a personalized dashboard where you can organize your team members into channels or groups. Consider the workspace as a unique account for your company, brand, or organization: 

  • Invite team members and guests to live group video meetings.
  • Kick-off person-to-person (P2P) instant video calls with team members.
  • And where you record offline video messages for on-demand viewing by your team members or friends.
  • And it’s where you view your live meetings and recorded videos.
  • There you can chat, share your desktop and upload files during meetings, and review AI-transcripts of your recorded meetings after the meeting has ended.

Do workspaces support subdomains?

Each workspace may have it’s own Subdomain/CNAME and custom branding. This feature is on its way, we hope to deliver it soon.

What are channels?

Channels are a great way to organize your meeting and recording based on your needs: topics, projects, lectures, etc.

You can enable channels to be publicly accessible and use them for example for sharing meeting updates with the team, Knowledge sharing, etc.

Can I restrict permissions for some team members to view the channel?

We are working on permissions for the Workspace and channels. It is on the roadmap.

Who is a team member?

A team member can be a co-worker in your company, a student in your class, a friend or family member that you want to regularly exchange video communications with. In addition to group meetings, you can have unlimited one-click person-to-person (P2P) live meetings with your team members.


How many participants can be on the meeting at the same time?

The current version of the solution is the best fit for small group meetings, we support up to 15 participants and are considering the webinar features.

Do you have features for webinars as whiteboard, raise hand?

Webinar features as whiteboard, raise hands, bringing people on stage is on our roadmap currently and it will be available for client meetings as we introduce it.

Do you have a breakout room feature?

Not yet – however it’s on our product roadmap. You can request features and join the conversation at

Can I have person-to-person live meetings with guests outside my team?

Absolutely, you can invite guests to meetings easily. You can also share transcripts and meeting recordings with them.

Share . Transcribe

What languages do you support in your transcripts?

We currently only support English but we are adding other languages very soon, starting with regional English versions, French and Spanish.

Let us know what languages you have in min:

Is there an option to "turn off" transcriptions?

Yes, you can switch transcriptions on and off as you need them.

Can I share my video recordings?

Yes, you can share your video recordings publicly. Sharing of channels is also on its way!

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