Video workspace
for remote teams

AI-powered Live and Recorded Video

for remote working teams

Convert your team meetings to asynchronous, long-tail conversations

One-click team meetings

No downloads or PINs. Just invite your team to your workspace, see who’s online and start instant meetings – or schedule later!

Async video recording

No time to meet? Record a video message from your webcam, desktop or both, and share securely with your team.

Search Transcripts

Convert meetings to AI transcripts. Search by discussions, access persistent chats and shared files. Recall and engage long after the meeting is over.

Join a live meeting

The easiest live meetings with your teammates hands down- no dowlnloads or PINs required. Screenshare, share files and chat. Optionally record your livemeetings and save them to your workspace feed.

Record and share videos

No time to make the meeting? No problem. Span the timezone gap by recording a one-click video message for your team from your webcam or desktop.

AI Transcripts – Don’t take meeting notes again!

Team and customer conversations are some of the most valuable data your company has. But all-too often the details start fading from memory once the meeting ends.

AI transcripts keep a searchable, actionable text record of all your important meetings.

Share your video channels

Share videos on your private and secure video channels, embed feeds in your public pages, or embed your videos on your website or social media – sharing is in your control.