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A workspace for all your team meetings

Organize your meetings and video recordings with simple structure of workspaces and topic-based channels. Invite your team members, partners or clients for collaboration and customize your channels. Show and Tell !

Meet your remote team, asynchronously or live

Request your team members for a video update or record a response when you become available

Use custom branding on your channels, so that your audience feel right at home with your brand.

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using Vidlogs

Easily create workspace in less than a few seconds. Just choose a title and a custom URL to reflect your brand. You can further customize your workspace with your brand colours, logo – even your custom domain (coming soon).

Invite all your team members in a single secure meetings place. Everyone in your team can host meetings and share, search and respond to recordings.

Host a live meeting or schedule one for later. Invite your teammates or anyone outside your team on your branded video conferencing page.

No need to download any software, just goto Vidlogs meeting link in browser and join the call.

Your logo
Actionable agenda
Ability to share
Actionable agenda

With Vidlogs you can use asynchronous video updates in one of two ways. First, you can easily record and share videos with your team – no plugin or downloads required.

Or, you can create a video conversation by asking your team or even customers to record and share videos according to a contextual topic that you initiate. Use this feature to get feedback on your product, daily updates or just asynchronous meetings that happen on their own time.

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Your topic-based channels
Single page
Customizable header

Create as many channels as you need to organize your meetings by topics. Create custom URLs for your meetings, see all the recordings in a channel. Easily share with your team.

Search transcripts with various criteria like keywords, highlights, participants on your meetings.

With our advanced notifications feature, get notified on topics of interest as they get discussed in your team meetings – without you joining all of the meetings (coming soon).

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