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Assign, visualize, and prioritize your work 

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Organize, retain, and act on what’s happening at your meetings.


Meeting agenda


Assign action items and takeaways for every meeting


Request feedback from meeting attendees


Save notes and agendas for recurring meetings

Notes make meetings meaningful.

Meeting notes become especially valuable as time passes and you need to look something up. With even a basic note-taking habit, you’ll likely save yourself a lot of time and embarrassment at your company.

Collaborate on meeting agendas, assign action items, and ask for meeting feedback.

Before the meeting starts you can share notes and action points, you can assign them to team members who can edit the notes simultaneously while your connection is going on. After the meeting is done, you can organize your work into action points.

Without the necessity of downloading any plugin, you can find your notes on your Vidlogs channels. The notes and action points saved automatically when every meeting is over. Make your meetings more actionable.

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