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Save time and keep everyone on the same page with AI-powered Live or Asynchronous meetings.

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Live Meetings AI by Vidlogs - Make your team live meetings searchable and asynchronous | Product Hunt

Your team. Your time

Host one-click Smart Live meetings or span the timezone gaps with Asynchronous Video meetings that fit everyone’s schedule, clients included.

Camera, Screen, Audio conversations – You choose. No downloads required

Never forget important details again

We spend hours not only in the meetings, but also in summarizing and sharing the conversations and the details start fading – after the meetings end.

Vidlogs AI transcripts and keywords keep a searchable, actionable text logs of all your important conversations. Transcribe, Review, and Share details and action items within your team or outside.

Store conversation details in one place

All-too often the important details are scattered and there is no single source of truth.

Easily store and search content across live meetings, video messages, and imported recordings in channels – organized by topics of your choice.

Customize your meeting rooms to reflect your Brand

Looking to create a lasting impression on teams and clients?

Customized meeting rooms in channels provide a personalized experience with your brand. Use your own logo, colors, and make the platform your own!

What makes Vidlogs different?

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