Host, Transcribe and Search your meetings

Plan, host meetings with your remote team, group or customers. Then convert recordings to async conversations with transcriptions, highlights and action items.

Vidlogs is an AI-powered video conferencing platform to enable post-meeting collaboration in modern remote-flex team, without wrangling with different tools and timezones

A workspace for all your team meetings

Use AI to find what is noteworthy in 100s of meetings in a long-running project or across customers – patterns, highlights, questions or participants’ sentiment.

Organize your meetings and video recordings with simple structure of workspaces and topic-based channels.

Invite your team members, partners or clients for collaboration and customize your channels.

Meet your remote team, asynchronously or live

Reduce fatigue of being online in all the meetings. Request your team members for a video update or record a response when you become available.

Your workspace channels double up as instant meeting rooms, no downloads required. Use custom branding on your channels, so that your audience feel right at home with your brand.

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